Winter Place - Montgomery, AL

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Want To Help

     There are so many things you can do to help if you are so inclined.  As you can see there have been dozens of helpers thus far which is why I end up saying “we” more often than “I” when I talk about Winter Place.  Some people think I have investors or partners when I use the word “we”.  Well, I do have dozens of partners and I welcome many more.  Who knows, maybe one day some financial partners and/or investors will step forward too.

     My dream is to make Winter Place my home (which I think will happen in early 2007) and use the other buildings for a variety of activities.  I think the first floor of the North House will one day be the perfect place to host receptions.  Maybe we’ll have an art studio in one of the servant’s quarters.  Who knows, maybe even an antique shop in the basement.  I think the second floor would make a great apartment one day. 

     To realize my dreams for Winter Place I’m going to need as much help as I can get.  Some people have spoken to me about contributing money.  The south Servant’s Quarter is now called the Ann and Jack Drescher building after their generous donation that paid for the nearly complete tear down and rebuilding of this structure.  If you would like to make a donation please contact me or use the links below, there is a tax deduction avenue.  (note:  If you select the credit card option, PayPal will ask you to create an account to complete the transaction.  That can be done by giving an e-mail address and creating a password) 

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     Some of you have expertise and knowledge that would benefit Winter Place.  Perhaps you know a great engineer or architect that would like to work on Winter Place.  Maybe it’s a great contractor that specializes in historic homes.  Maybe you know a design or architecture student looking for a great project.  Some of you may even know the location of some of the missing pieces like doors or mantles.  Spread the word; let’s find more partners.

     Another way you can help is by helping the neighborhood at large, specifically, the businesses.  The way I see it, there are three ways to improve the local businesses.  We can encourage the business owners to attract a law abiding clientele.  That’s been done and I don’t see much improvement.  We can continue to encourage the police and city council to crack down on illegal activity.  We all are working as hard as we can in that area but the police are stretched terribly thin, they can barely keep up with the hottest situation of the current hour.  I think the most effective option is to encourage good citizens to buy properties along Mildred Street.

     One of the real trouble spots in this area is Howard’s Pit Stop across the street.  In this area, it is the epicenter of bad activity.  Well, they are tied with the K&C Lounge one block to the west.  I bet Howard’s would sell for a relatively small sum.  The abandon car wash across the street could be a good buy as well.  Just this week I spoke to the family of Luther Oliver, the owners of the garage at the corner of Mildred and Morgan Avenue.  They have two lots that they would be willing to sell; you could build two new homes!  We need good citizens to take control of more properties in the area.

     Does anyone know how we get an ABC store out of a neighborhood?  I wonder how an ABC store was ever put in a residential neighborhood in the first place.  There has to be a way to get that store relocated.

     As you can see, there are so many, many ways to help Winter Place and the neighborhood at large.  What can you do?  What will you do?            


The inside of the South House will start to get some TLC. We will continue with electrical and plumbing upgrades. The house will also get it's first ever central heat and air.

The porches and exterior of the South House.

The grounds will continue to get attention as we cut back more jungle to expose the prettiest property in Montgomery!