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Unit member rescues historic home from uncertain future, sees a future where others might not

Six months ago, after nearly two years of negotiations and virtually courting the owner and his family, Maj. Craig Drescher purchased a house that was literally falling down. And he’s still so happy about it he can hardly contain himself. So, is the C-130 navigator crazy like a fox or just plain crazy? The answer, like most things in life, lies somewhere in the middle.

Two and a half years ago, Drescher, a former Navy aviator turned Navy recruiter was living in Birmingham. Wanting to be closer to his son who lived in Auburn with his ex-wife, he applied for a position with the 357th Airlift Squadron. Luckily for him the 908th was about to embark on it’s two-year activation supporting Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and he not only got a job but he also got a chance to return to flying and continue to serve in the

He couldn’t have asked for a better deal. So with a fulltime job secured, he started thinking about moving to Montgomery. He started house hunting. And his luck got even better. “I was driving around and I saw this old house. I thought it was vacant. I just stumbled onto it, literally,” Drescher said, adding that he’s always had a soft spot for old homes.

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